Invited Talks

"Nanocytology: Personalizing Cancer Risk Assessment in the Primary Care Setting", Midwestern Medical Directors Association, Chicago, IL, May 13, 2016

"This Changes Everything: How Technology is Revolutionizing Medicine", Milken Global Conference, Los Angeles, CA, May 4, 2016

“Insights into Hallmarks of Early Carcinogenesis Using Nanoscale-sensing Optical Microscopy”, Oregon Health Science University, Portland, OR, April 14, 2016.

“Insights into Hallmarks of Early Carcinogenesis Using Nanoscale-sensing Optical Microscopy”, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, April 7, 2016.

“Understanding Initial Stages of Carcinogenesis Using Label-Free Optical Nanoimaging and Nanosensing”, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison, WI, February 29, 2016.

“Understanding Hallmarks of Early Carcinogenesis Using Optical Nanoimaging and Nanosensing”, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Department of Neurology, Chicago, IL, January 11, 2016.

“Optical Imaging Techniques in Early Cancer Detection”, 12th Annual Life Settlement and Longevity Conference, Washington DC, November 2, 2015.

“Improving Cancer Detection Methods”, Medical Breakthroughs at Chicago Ideas Week, Chicago, IL, October 17, 2015.

“Nanocytology: New Approaches to Cancer Screening”, University of Illinois-Chicago Department of Pathology, Chicago, IL, October 12, 2015.

“Partial Wave Spectroscopy Prostate Cancer Project: Update and Future Goals”, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Evanston, IL, October 9, 2015.

“In Vitro Nanocytology Test for Highly Accurate Early Cancer Screening and Prognostication in Primary Care Setting”, Point of Care Diagnostics Conference, San Diego, CA, June 12, 2015.

“Nanosensing and Functional Biophotonics to Study Initial Stages of Carcinogenesis”, LAAMP Seminar, Beckman Laser Institute, Irvine, CA, April 28, 2015.

“Nanoscale and Functional Optical Imaging for Colon Cancer Diagnostics and Risk-Stratification”, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, April 27, 2015.

“Cancer Screening and Nanoscale Cytology”, SPIE Photonics West Hot Topics, San Francisco, CA, February 6, 2015.

“Nanoncytology: Transforming Cancer Screening and Risk-Stratification”, NorthShore University HealthSystem Urological Research Group, Evanston, IL, December 5, 2014.

“Transforming Risk Screening in Primary Care Setting”, Point of Care Diagnostics World Congress, San Diego, CA, September 19, 2014.

V. Backman, “Polarization Gated Spectroscopy”, Gordon Conference - Lasers In Medicine & Biology, Holderness, NH, July 14-18, 2014.

“Partial Wave Spectroscopy”, Olympus Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, June 10, 2014.

“Photonics Meets Biology: From Nanoscale Imaging to Winning the War on Cancer”, Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering (JAFOE) Conference, Tokyo, Japan, June 9, 2014.

“Elastic Light Scattering for Early Malignancy Detection in GI Tract”, Digestive Disease Week 2015, Washington, D.C., May 19, 2015.

“Optical Imaging Detects Nanoscale Alterations in Early Carcinogenesis: Cost-Effective Risk-Stratification, Screening and Prognosis of Cancer”, NCI-NIBIB Point of Care Technologies for Cancer Conference, Bethesda, MD, January 8, 2014.

“New Optical Imaging for the Detection of Nanoscale Biomarkers of Field Carcinogenesis: Risk-Stratification, Screening and Prognosis of Cancer”, 26th EDRN Steering Committee Meeting, Seattle, WA, September 10, 2013.

“Nanoarchitectural Markers of Early Carcinogenesis”, 8th EDRN Scientific Workshop, Bethesda, MD, March 13, 2013.

“Optical Nanocytology: Transforming Cancer Screening and Understanding Chromatin Modifications in Early Carcinogenesis”, ASME 2nd Global Congress on Nanoengineering for Medicine & Biology, Boston, MA, February 6, 2013.

“Nanocytology: Transforming Colon Cancer Screening”, Early Detection Seminar, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, October 25, 2012.

“Nanocytology: Transforming Colon Cancer Screening”, Northwestern University Learning for Life Lectures, Chicago, IL, October 10, 2012.

“New Technologies for Colorectal Cancer Screening”, Colorectal Cancer Screening Working Group, Orlando, March 2012.

“Physical Markers and Universal Parameters in Cancer”, National Cancer Institute Think Tank on Integrating the Physical Science Perspective to Open a New Frontier in Oncology, Washington, D.C., Feb. 8, 2012.

“Cell Imaging at the Nanoscale: Detecting Nuclear Chromatin Alterations in Field Carcinogenesis”, AACR Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research, Boston, MA, October 22-25, 2011.

“Partial wave spectroscopic microscopy: detecting alterations in cell nanoarchitecture in early carcinogenesis”, IEEE Photonics 2011, Arlington, VA, October 9-13, 2011.

“Clinical optical imaging & spectroscopy: Approaching the clinic”, Advances in Optics for Biotechnology, Medicine and Surgery XII, An ECI Conference Series, Naples, FL, June 5-8, 2011.

"Alterations in nuclear nanoscale architecture: optical imaging and the role in early carcinogenesis", NCI PS-OC Network Investigators’ Meeting, La Jolla, CA, April 10-12, 2011.

“Physics Meets Biology: Understanding the Role of Cell Nanoscale Structure in Carcinogenesis”, American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting, Dallas, TX, March 21-25, 2011.

“Probing Cellular Nanoscale Organization”, Life Science Symposium, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2-4, 2010.

“Optical Imaging: Insights into Cell Nanoarchitecture”, EECS Seminar, Northwestern University, May 12, 2010.

“Detecting Alterations in Cell Ultrastructure with Optical Imaging: Implications for Cancer Screening”, Frontiers of GI Research Conference, University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Medicine, February, 2010.

“Detecting Alterations in Cell Ultrastructure with Optical Imaging: Implications for Cancer Screening”, Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Milwaukee, December 11, 2009.

"Detecting Alterations in Cell Ultrastructure with Optical Imaging: Understanding the Role of Cell Morphology in Carcinogenesis", Future of Light Symposium, Boston University Photonics Center, November 16, 2009.

"Translating of Biophotonics Technologies into Clinical Practice: Challenges and Successes", Coulter Biomedical Optics Industry-Academia Collaborative Meeting, Boston University, November 10, 2009.

"A Translational Biomedical Research Model", Innovation Workshop Series, University of Chicago, October 29, 2009.

"Measuring cell nanoscale organization: partial wave spectroscopic microscopy", IEEE-EMBS Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, September 2-6, 2009.

 "Cancer Screening via Biophotonics: A "Remote Sensing Approach", University of Connecticut Health Center, April 9, 2009.

"Detecting alterations in cell nanoarchitecture with optical imaging", University of Rochester, December 5, 2008.

"Optically sensing alterations in nanoscale cell architecture: a new paradigm for cancer screening", Biotechnology Seminar, Northwestern University, October 29, 2008.

"Detecting alterations in cell nanoarchitecture with optical imaging: Implications for cancer detection", Annual Optical Society of America Meeting, Frontiers in Optics (FiO)/Laser Science XXIV (LS) Conference, Rochester, NY, October 23, 2008.

"Optically sensing alterations in nanoscale cell architecture: a new paradigm for cancer screening", Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL, October 11, 2008.

"Surrogate Anatomic/Functional Sites for Evaluating Cancer Risk", Physical Sciences & Oncology Mini-Symposium, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, October 3, 2008.

"Alterations in Cellular Nanoarchitecture Is an Early Event in Carcinogenesis", IBiS Seminar Series, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, September 30, 2008.

"Optically sensing alterations in nanoscale cell architecture: a new paradigm for cancer screening", University of Chicago Medical School, Chicago, IL September 18, 2008.

"Biophotonics for colon cancer screening", Keynote speaker, Midwest Colon Cancer Symposium, September 13, 2008.

"Probing tissue architecture at submicron scale: seeing beyond histology", 2008 Gordon Conference on Lasers in Medicine and Biology, Session on "Novel Techniques: Microscale to Nanoscale", New Hampshire, July 20-25th, 2008.

"Enhanced Backscattering for tissue characterization and diagnosis", APS/USNC/URSI 2008, San Diego, CA, July 5-11, 2008.

"Cancer Screening via Biophotonics: A "Remote Sensing" Approach", Clinical and Translational Research Seminar Series, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, Northwestern University, May 2008.

"Cancer Screening via Biophotonics: A "Remote Sensing" Approach", FDA, April 2008.

"Cancer Screening via Biophotonics: A "Remote Sensing" Approach", University of Chicago, Department of Chemistry Seminar, April 2008.

"Low-Coherence Enhanced Backscattering as a colon cancer screening technology", Midwest Biomedical Engineering Conference (MBEC), Chicago, IL, April 4, 2008.

"Rectal Coherent Backscattering Spectroscopy to screen for colon cancer", Invited talk, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) 17th. Annual Event, Washington D.C, February 20-22, 2008.

"Single-cell partial-wave spectroscopic microscopy: early detection of cancer", Invited talk, SPIE - Photonics West, Symposium on Biomedical Optics, 2008, San Jose, CA, January 18-24, 2008.

"Cellular and Tissue Optical Measurements for the Detection of Colorectal Cancer - Does the Field Effect Exist", Biomedical Imaging Research Opportunities Workshop, North Bethesda, Maryland, January 18, 2008.

"Detecting alterations in tissue nanoarchitecture with optical imaging: implications for cancer screening", Chicago Biomedical Consortium, Chicago, IL, November 9, 2007.

"Analysis of nanoarchitecture of buccal epithelium for lung cancer screening", 15th EDRN Steering Committee Meeting, Ann Arbor, Michigan, September 17-19, 2007.

"Low coherence Enhanced Backscattering", EMBS Annual Meeting, Lyon, France, August 2007.

"Partial wave microscopy: seeing beyond histopathology", Clinical Pathology Meeting, Rosemont, IL, June 9-10, 2007.

"Preneoplasia: Predicting the Behavior of the Early Lesion", The Educational Session, Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, Los Angeles, CA, April 14, 2007.

"Low-coherence Enhanced Backscattering: characteristics and applications for colon cancer screening", SPIE - Photonics West, Symposium on Biomedical Optics, San Jose, CA, January 20-25, 2007.

"Single cell partial wave spectroscopy: understanding alterations of intracellular nanoarchitecture in cancer", Invited Talk, Annual Meeting of the Optical Society of America: Frontiers in Optics, Rochester, NY, October 8-12, 2006.

"Biophotonics Techniques in Detection of Early Colon Precancer: Using Colonic Cells as Reporters of Carcinogenesis", NCI and DCTD Cancer Imaging Program Workshop on Imaging Science Development for Cancer Prevention and Preemption, Gaithersburg, MD, July 9-11, 2006.

"Low-coherence enhanced backscattering for biomedical applications", Optical Society of America Summer Topical Meeting on Coherent Optical Technologies and Applications (COTA), Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, June 28-30, 2006.

"Screening for Pancreatic Cancer", 2nd Annual Dinner of Alexander H. Steinkoler Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, New York, NY, May 10, 2006.

"Enhanced Light Backscattering for Non-invasice Early Detection of Colon and Pancreatic Cancer", Oncology Imaging Symposium, Chicago, April 19, 2006.


Backman's Biophotonics Laboratory at Northwestern University

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